JMGO Lottery Giveaways at #CES

JMGO Lottery Giveaways at #CES (Booth: Shenzhen

Hey, game changers,

Welcome on aboard! Did you enjoy our the products’ display? Well the time is still young and ain’t you just lucky. To celebrate #CES online exhibition, JMGO presents you Free Projector Lottery! (Go to:

Search: Shenzhen

1. Fill out this questionnaire, and get a lottery ticket from our moderator at our booth:

Search: Shenzhen

2. We randomly distributed: 10 groups of lottery tickets of each with numbers 1–20. The tickets of each group vaires in colors (red, yellow, blue, green, purple, brown, white, pink, black and orange).

3. Once numbers of 2( and only 2) tickets in same color adding up equals to 11, both holders will win a free JMGO projector. For example: Red 1 + Red 10 = 11

4. 2 winners should email JMGO team cc your partner and to claim your prize TOGETHER no later than 10 pm, Jan 14th(EST).

5. Giveaways end byJan 14th(EST) or when all tickets out.

Comment on our FB @jmgodirect could be a good way to find your partner. Good luck to your surfing, guys! Hot gifts on the way. And you are welcomed for the treat. We are JMGO, the smart way to the new freedom.

JMGO Overseas Sales Team
Jan 9, 2021

Disclaimer: infos filled with the questionnaire is going to be used by our team to contact and verify you. Scammers or frauds shall be deemed as waived.

JMGO, leading innovative Smart Visual Solution. Facebook: @jmgodirect Youtube: JMGO Smart Theater

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